At Milestone Institute, we don’t just educate, but we proactively act for change as social catalysts, whether it’s writing a book, or establishing social enterprises. At our latest event, we dealt with both: we introduced the book Generational Myths by Orsolya Nemes, and presented how we can support companies in overcoming generational challenges with the help of the team of Solutions Lab, Milestone Institute’s first spin-off.

The book Generational Myths, written by our colleague, Orsi Nemes – generations researcher, and head trainer of Milestone Solutions Lab – was published by HVG books this spring. To celebrate the event, Milestone Institute offspring Solutions Lab’s team organised a book introductory event and specialist conference for its partners. At the event, we talked about the circumstances of the book’s birth, and held a roundtable to discuss real life case studies sent to us by our partners.

In her book, Orsi is looking for answers to questions such as why it is worth to define generations not based on the past, but on the future, or how artificial intelligence transforms our lives and future. Even though we tend to cherish several stereotypes regarding certain generations, she says members of a generation are only loosely connected to each other by their shared year of birth, or by having experiences of the same events. The community of Milestone, and the social objectives our community have set have provided tremendous inspiration to writing the book.

One of the major incentives behind Orsi’s work was to provide solutions to organisations – even if they are generational challenges. To be able to do this, we utilised a scientific approach – a rather unique method in the corporate world -, and the knowledge we have accumulated in Milestone’s community. Indeed, Solutions Lab’s aim is to collect the scientific resources of our Institute’s well-prepared professors of academic excellence, and, with the help of our team of consultants, turn them into tangible knowledge applicable in everyday business, thus building a bridge between the academic and the corporate realms.

Generational Myths is a result of our common goals, too. In her book, Orsi processes a topic steeped in stereotypes by using scientific methods, and she presents it to her readers in a clear and easily readable format.

An entire industry has been built to attempt to define the shared characteristics of people born in the same periods, and, based on those, to explain the sensible  tensions within families, communities, societies. In regard to the challenges we expect to face in the forthcoming decades, it will eventually be untenable to act as if members of generations Y and X came from different planets.” Orsolya Nemes




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