Art Exhibition: Resistant Voices by Marie Thams Opens June 7th at the Milestone Institute

Venue: 44 Bajza utca (3rd floor), 1062 Budapest Budapest, 23/05/2019. For Immediate Release Milestone Institute present exhibition Resistant Voices including pieces: Within My Voice, Orifices and Come Walk With Me by Danish artist Marie Thams.

If you would like to attend the Private View, please RSVP here.

Within My Voice, Orifices, 2019 Sound installation 8:30 min (loop). Velour, silk, cotton, sateen, rubber, textile paint, foam. In the site-specific installation Within My Voice, Orifices, Marie Thams creates a situation for listening and critical reflection, inviting the viewer to move through the installation and to sit or lie on the floor piece to listen. In the sound composition Thams works with speech combined with over twenty voice training exercises used to optimise the voice, aimed for strengthened professional readiness. The audience is surrounded by a stream of voices shifting between investigative, raw use of voice and whisper, and linguistic reflections. Reflections concerning the inner voice transformation that is driven by outer expectations of the labour market, together with a focus on the human ungraspable, subjective quality which the voice also expresses. Come Walk With Me Performance, 2018, 10-12 min Printed Matter, 2019, manuscript, guide and linocut. In the exhibition Thams will be performing the voice and speech performance Come Walk With Me, and inviting you the viewer to recreate the performance and experience it yourself from within. This will be present with handmade edition of a printed matter containing the manuscript, a guide to the movements and linocut. Come Walk With Me expresses the search of a subject wishing to move away from restricting individualism toward a state of being, allowing for plurality and union. On the way cold competition is rejected and replaced with manifold competence. The text and performance manifest a wish to create a new shared sensuous and intellectual body—in a call for the audience to rise together and create meaningful movement. About Artist Marie Thams: Thams has gained her education at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, and at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her work is driven by a wish to create critical and sensuously enclosing works. Her productions often result in larger installations consisting of sound, video and sculptural elements. The voice plays an important role in Thams’ practice and she works with sound, speech, and text as part of installation, publication, audio and performance. The exhibition is kindly supported by the   with additional support from the Knud Højgaards Fond