It has become a tradition that the West London Synagogue visits our Institute, which did not happen otherwise this year either. With over 20 guests from London joining, the group size has exceeded any previous years.

The event was opened by the welcome speech of Rosalind Copisarow, representing the West London Synagogue, and of George Greskovits, founder of  the Milestone Institute, which was followed by the award ceremony for our students who are this year’s recipients of the Lyons scholarship. Rosalind Copisarow has thanked Rachel Oláh, outgoing President of the Jewish Club for her hard work and service.

According to Jewish tradition, to celebrate the end of Sabbath and to prepare for the new week the delegation joined in singing and dancing as they performed the havdalah. The  event ended with a pleasant dinner where the nearly 60 participants, which included students, parents, members of faculty, Twinning Group members and members of the West London Synagogue, could get into an informal conversation for the rest of the evening.

Check out the photos of the event below!