In October 2018 the Humanitarian Society started volunteering with the Napsukár Tanoda in Gyöngyöspata. To mark the successful collaboration, they held a Christmas Party at Napház. Please read the review below by the President of the Humanitarian Society, Ferenc Oláh. If you are interested in joining the project come to their Spring Term Briefing on the 26th January at 14:00.

Our event was held on the 22nd of December 2018 in Napház which is a cultural centre in the 8th district. After weeks of organising, we were excited to welcome the students from Gyöngyöspata at Napház.  The event started around 1 o’clock and it was truly heart-warming to see all those excited children coming into the Culture house. We started with some games we had to do some exercises, for example to sing a song or to do 5 push-ups.  We continued our event with a game in which everybody had to design their own Christmas tree, with paper and pencils. Milestone’s Student Life Coordinator Eszter and I had the honour to listen to the children presenting their ideas and to decide who can win this competition. Then we had a lunch together where we had the chance to get to know each other better and talk about their plans during the Christmas holiday. The following program was a musical presentation of Kathy Horváth Lajos Jr., who is the concert master of Eurom Festival Ensemble. He played the violin and it was amazing to see how the children were excited about his performance. The highest moments of the day had arrived when Santa came (Tamás Léderer in person) to give the presents to the children while the band was playing some Christmas songs as background music. 

In conclusion we had a marvellous time together and we went home with full of experiences. We are exciting to continue the volunteering collaboration in 2019 as well. If you are interested in joining us, come to our Volunteer Briefing on the 26th January at 14:00. More info in our facebook group!