The Social Officers of Milestone hosted a fantastic Murder Mystery Halloween Party on the 27th October with a live cluedo, fake injury workshop, eery decorations and candy-overload. Please read the review below by one of the main organisers, Sophomore Social Officer, Balázs Bánszki.

We planned this event for almost a month, and it was not always easy, but as we invested a lot of time and energy, we made it really killer, like it was advertised. Everybody worked hard on it, and I think that the responses were enough of a reward for what we had done. As this was the first event that the Social Officers from every Year Group took part in organising it, I have to say these six people and Bianka, the Freshman Welfare Officer were chosen rightfully to their positions, because we worked great in a team.

The main program of the event was the Murder and Mystery Game, which was my job to write. I have never done a game like this one before, but it was fun and rewarding to write a murder mystery story and make it into a live cluedo. This story actually came from an unfinished play of mine, so it was easy to create the characters as they have previously existed. Originally, there were six of them, like in the board game Cluedo, but we ended up casting for five to make sure there are enough actors for all. Casting the characters was probably the most difficult part, due to the timing of the event, but we ended up with a great group of actors including members of the Academic Team, an alumnus and current students. At the event, it started by me presenting the suspects and the story to everyone, and then, the people got the chance to ask questions and socialise with them. Almost an hour later the victim was announced and rest of the evening started, which included the screening of the film A Nightmare Before Christmas, music, dancing and having conversations in the Library and Winter Garden, and at this point, us, the organisers could lie back and enjoy the party, too. It was around midnight when the cleaning started and fortunately, the people who stayed that long helped us put everything back in order. The last people left Milestone at half past one.

I am very glad that we organised this event. The planning was stressful, especially because this was the first game like this I’ve written, but at the end, I have to say that it was all worth it. The fact that the people enjoyed the game so much that they played it for much longer than we expected simply warms my heart. There were people coming up to me and the other Social Officers congratulating us for the event and asking when the next one will be, because they definitely want to come, and that is the best feedback we could have gotten.

All in all, this was a great experience and I think I can speak for everybody when I say that we look forward to the next one at Christmas!

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