Murder Mystery Halloween Party – 27th October: Story Revealed!

On the 27th of October the Social Officers invite all Milestone students and staff to the first ever Murder Mystery Live Cluedo hosted at the Milestone Institute. Put your game-face on, come dressed as the detective or murderer you were meant to be, and find out who killed Adam Harris.

What happened? 

Adam Harris, a well-known lecturer at Milestone Institute, hosts one of the most prestigious parties in the city every year at the end of October, and this year was no exception. On the 27th October 2018 everything was going as planned: he greeted everyone at the door, all smiles, nothing suspicious revealed. After everybody had arrived, he clinked his class to make the same speech he delivers every year in which he thanked his friends and family for their support. Once everyone was escorted to the library to start the cocktail reception, he slipped away to the kitchen to check-upon dinner. Five minutes later a loud scream travelled through the building: the cook found him dead, lying on his back. The guests started panicking, because they knew that nobody left the library. After the police arrived, interviewed the guests and checked the surveillance cameras, they made a list of six suspects, driven by one burning question: ‘Who killed Adam Harris and why?’

On the 27th October at 18:00 the students of Milestone are called to join the investigation and find the murderer. Stay tuned, suspects are to be revealed soon on the Student Life facebook page.

We will be waiting for you with music, movies, food, drinks and this killer game! Please RSVP!

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28th March, 2023

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