Student Life Week @ Milestone Institute

During Shopping Week Milestone students had the chance not not only ‘shop’ for their academic modules but also get a taste of what our Clubs and Societies have on offer and sign-up for membership. The student-led organisations put together a colourful week of 12 events, ranging from a Kahoot Quiz about scientific misconceptions, an Innovation Society open business session, training and picnic with the Rowing Club, a talk by Zsófia Rácz UN Youth Delegate, a Show Debate to an outdoor Movie Night in the backyard of Milestone. This memorable week was concluded by a sunny Sailing Day at the picturesque Balatonfüred led by the Sailing Club.

History Society:

The History Society’s Vice-President,  Eszter D. Kovács, held a briefing on her essay preparatory sessions to students interested in submitting their work to prestigious competitions such as Cambridge Robson History Prize and Oxford The Julia Wood Prize.

Innovation Society:

Future innovators did not only have the chance to try their ideas at an Open Business Session but their team work skills and creativity were put to test at the infamous marshmallow challenge with the Innovation Society.

MUN Society:

More than 40 students had the opportunity to get to know Zsófia Rácz, Hungary’s UN Youth Delegate, through an intriguing presentation organised by the MUN Society. Watch Zsófia’s presentation on the Milestone Student Life facebook page!

Jewish Club:

Milestone’s youngest student organisation, the Jewish Club, had a cosy night with kosher hot chocolate watching ‘When the Smoke Clears’, a mind-provoking movie about Israeli soldiers.

NatSci Society:

Students interested in the Natural Sciences Society participated in Kahoot Quiz which certainly shed light on some scientific misconceptions. This was followed by Dr. Klára Horváth’s lecture about her research on sleep.

Rowing Club:

Fifteen new rowers tested their skills on the sunny Danube, followed by a well-deserved picnic on Margaret Island.

Finance Club:

Milestone Alumni, Fabian Somfai, President and Founder introduced the investment philosophy and the operation of the Finance Club as well as the basic concepts of investing.

Debating Society:

Who knew a Show Debate on whether Capitalism is a threat to Democracy would attract more than 70 students? The golden oldies of the Debating Society, Bálint Szőllősi Mark Rogers Dániel Ferenc Felföldi and Bence Örkény showed off their debating skills and held a workshop on argumentation. Watch the debate on the Milestone Student Life facebook page!

NatSci and History Society:

Does Religion contradict Science? How can one believe in the Bible as well as evolution? The History Society and the Natural Sciences Society invited Rabbi Ariel Pollak and evolutionary biologist Gábor Endresz to lead a fascinating conversation about Religion and Science.

Arts Society:

The Arts Society’s Pulp Fiction movie night with lemonade and pastries provided the perfect Saturday night entertainment in the backyard of Milestone.

Sailing Club:

Is there any better way to end such an eventful week than sailing on the picturesque Balaton? Both experienced sailors and students new to sailing had a fun day spent in the boat, swimming, sunbathing and having pizza.


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28th March, 2023

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