The Milestone History Society and Jewish Club have recently been formed by enthusiastic students who are awaiting their members to shape their programme for the next Academic Year starting in May. The two societies will introduce themselves to the Milestone community with a remarkable joint event held by Rabbi Ariel Pollak on the pluralism and anti-fundamentalism of early Jewish texts. All Milestone students, staff and their guests are welcome.

History Society

The History Society is aiming to create a community of Milestoners with an interest in history. They’re planning to hold events around the topic of Religion and Belief Systems, where invited guests and scholars share their ideas and research. The society holds social events every month, where members discuss the presentation of the previous week, with the aim of creating scholarly discussion and a close-knit community of historians, all while sharing a meal together. Milestone’s History Society also aims to help its members to achieve their academic goals, thus we have competition trainings twice a month with the help of the Institute’s faculty.

Join the ever-growing Milestone History Society and keep your eye on their Facebook group for news, updates and events!

Jewish Club

The main goal of the Milestone Institute’s student-led Jewish Club is to bring Milestoners together, regardless of their religion or faith, but with a certain interest in Judaism. The club plans to organise programmes  geared for the Milestone community and will invite guests from different aspects of the Jewish religion. Additionally, the club looks forward to holding open events as fundraisers for a chosen charity. Members of the club are eager to learn about Judaism while enjoying fellowship and Jewish cuisine. In general, they seek to bring Jewish culture, religion and lifestyle closer to everyone at Milestone.

Join Milestone’s Jewish Club and check out the club’s Facebook group for updates and events!