Would you like to shape the future of one of the most popular and prestigious Student Societies of the Institute? Your time has come to make a significant contribution to the life the Milestone Debating Society! Join our team of talented students and shape the future of debating at the Institute!

The elections are open for the next President, Vice-President and Competitions Coordinator of the society till April 18th. It is recommended but not compulsory to submit the President and VP applications in pairs. The President may be from any Year Group. However, the Vice-President cannot be a Senior in 2018/19. New students joining the Academic Year of 2018/19 are also welcome to apply. Please send your applications to Milestone Student Life Coordinator Eszter Jokay by email.

Are your student years behind you, do you have a passion and experience in competitive debating and would like to support our Debating Team? Applications are also open for a voluntary non-student Senior Advisor role, for more information please email the Student Life Coordinator.

PRESIDENT AND Vice-President

The future president and vice-president of the Milestone Debating Society shall decide to distribute between themselves the following tasks:

  • Taking care of operational and logistical side of running the society
  • Organising trainings and events for both new and old members
  • Approving the Competitions Coordinator’s proposed competitions and training programme, aiding the preparations
  • Ensuring inclusivity and organising events for all levels of debating skills
  • Organising weekly meetings and booking rooms for it
  • Communicating the weekly schedule and events to members as well as the Student Life Coordinator of the Milestone Institute, which task includes sending an English and Hungarian description for open events to the SLC to be uploaded to the website
  • Keeping an updated list of members and taking attendance at every meeting
  • Organising elections and handover

For your application please provide:

  • An introduction to yourself which includes why you would be good at your chosen role.
  • A draft programme divided to three semesters which includes the events and training sessions you would hold, competitions you would like the society members would prepare for as well as the approximate number of sessions and trainings you will hold each semester.
  • A plan for recruiting new members. Please bear in mind that the Academic Year 2018/2019 will begin on May 5th and May 17th-19th will be dedicated to Milestone societies to advertise themselves with info sessions and events.


The competitions coordinator of the Milestone Debating Society will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Identifying competitions, keeping track of deadlines and creating training schedule and ensuring that preparations are run smoothly.
  • If necessary, applying for Milestone Grants and contacting external coaches and researching training opportunities

For your application please provide:

  • A description of your previous experience and how it would benefit the society. 
  • A shorlist of competitions and a training programme which includes both beginner and advanced debaters.