A complete class of 33 Senior students from the Milestone Institute received offers from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge this year.

From the countries of Central Eastern Europe, including Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, Hungary has the highest success rate of applicants to Oxford and Cambridge. Between 2015 and 2017, 26 percent of Hungarian applicants, 137 students, were admitted, which is more than the total number of offers received in that period by Austrian, Czech and Slovakian applicants. According to admission statistics, between 2015 and 2017, the number of Oxford and Cambridge offer holders per capita was the highest in Hungary with 14,09 successful applicants for every million people. The number in Romania was 11,89, in Poland 7,12, in Slovakia 6,79, in Austria 5,15 and in the Czech Republic 5,08.

The educational programme of the Budapest-based Milestone Institute has contributed significantly to Hungary’s success in becoming the region’s leading country with respect to Oxford and Cambridge admission results. It is of interest to note that between 2015 and 2017, 38 percent of those who applied from the Institute proved to be successful at the admissions. Additionally 48 percent of those Hungarian high-school students who received offers were Milestone students.

The Milestone Institute is proud of this year’s Oxford and Cambridge admission successes since 45% of the Institute’s applicants, that is to say 33 students received offers from these two prestigious universities. This means that more Milestone students got admitted to Oxford and Cambridge this year than from Austria, the Czech Republic or Slovakia in any of the admissions cycles of the past 3 years.

The Milestone Institute’s success is also the success of Hungarian teachers and Hungarian state schools. Without their commitment and high-quality work, this result would not have been possible. In addition, we are very proud that one third of our students winning places at Oxford or Cambridge did not come from the top 10 high schools of Hungary. These results endorse the success of many years spent on the conscious development and fine-tuning of our pedagogical work and innovative teaching methods. These remarkable results show that there is immense potential in the Hungarian educational system for achieving even better results. In order to solve the core problems of the Hungarian public education system we need to build upon the work of existing intellectual hubs, the pedagogic traditions that create value and the expertise of successful teachers. All these have to be combined with international best practices and pedagogical methods. At the Milestone Institute, we believe that only a nation which treats the educational sector as a priority can be successful in the 21st century.

— György Greskovits

Co-Founder and Senior Director of Academic Programmes, Milestone Institute