Milestone’s Co-Founder and Director of Milestone Solutions Lab, Ádám Zeitler made a public presentation to international lecturers as part of HR Fest 2017. At this event, the best workplaces in Hungary received awards.

The Conference-Festival, which took place at the end of October at the Akvárium Klub in Budapest, dealt with the challenges and opportunities that the HR world currently faces. With a special focus on the labour market, the Conference participants shared their professional expertise, experience and thoughts on the significance of technological developments and changes in the business environment. The event also hosted this year’s ‘Aon Legjobb Munkahely’ awards, honouring the best workplaces in Hungary.

At the organisers’ request, Ádám gave a lecture at the Conference, which was not only attended by Hungarian professionals but presented international keynote speakers from London to Sydney. In his lecture, Ádám introduced practical ideas about creating a workplace and establishing a working environment which attracts young professionals whether they graduated in Hungary or completed their university studies abroad.