“I, who had always thought of Paradise in form and image as a library”

— Jorge Luis Borges

Poem of the Gifts

The great Argentinian author lived most of his life around libraries, counting them among his favorite places and imagined heaven as a library. With the hope of moving the imagination and pleasing all Milestoners, our office staff spent much of the summer working to improve and equip our library in order to establish a truly heavenly place for booklovers at the Institute.


Our recently renewed library now holds a collection of more than 2000 academic texts and publications, documents, scientific journals and novels that students, faculty members, staff and all Milestoners are invited to use for feeding their eager minds and quelling their thirst for knowledge.

Highlights of the latest library developments:

  • The library’s collection is catalogued according to the Dewey-system.
  • All books housed in the library are organized by theme and location.
  • A separate art collection has been established.
  • Fiction section was relocated to the Café Area

In the future, our staff will continue to work on making further developments in the library, including the introduction of a public computer for research and providing access to JSTOR for all Milestone students and faculty. Moreover, the renewed facility will not function only as a silent space for study, but we are striving for a truly active library life with a helpful and professional staff, new purchases, service refinements and many literature and art-related events.

If you have any library-related questions, feel free to ask our receptionists, who are currently responsible for running and taking care of the facility. Furthermore, keep your eye on the library’s subpage on our website to get the latest news and information.

The Library Staff of the Milestone Institute