Romaversitas is launching a new educational preparatory and mentoring programme this autumn for talented Roma students with the support of the Milestone Institute. This programme will prepare Roma students from disadvantaged backgrounds for their final high school exams and university admissions.

We are counting on your cooperation and support to ensure the success of the programme by sharing this information with your professional and personal contacts as well as on Facebook. We would like to call attention to the programme and to reach as many potential applicants as possible, therefore if you are in touch with Roma high school students, their families, or their teachers, we are kindly ask you to pass along this message!

The preparatory programme is dedicated to Roma high school students living in Budapest or in the surroundings of the capital and preparing for their final exams and university studies. With subject-based preparatory courses, skills development, and mentoring, the programme intends to help students achieve better results on their final exams and to successfully apply to institutes of higher education.

In the 2017/18 School Year, the programme will support over thirty 11th or 12th grade students.

The application can be found on the website of Romaversitas, and must be submitted no later then the 30th of September.

The programme is established and being carried out with the professional and institutional support of the Milestone Institute, who is devoted to equal opportunities, diversity, and social mobility. The most prominent talents of the programme will have the opportunity to enter Milestone’s internationally recognized progressive educational programme and to study at the Institute.

Thank you for your support!

Romaversitas Foundation Hungary

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