In the Academic Year 2017/2018, the Milestone Institute is offering scholarships for 8 talented Roma students, thus providing them with the opportunity to take part in the Milestone Institute’s exciting educational programme.

The Milestone Institute subscribes wholeheartedly to the values of equal opportunities and social mobility and believes that talent cannot be contained within borders. At the Milestone Institute, we are strongly committed to diversity, welcoming and respecting the values that different cultures, ethnicities and identities bring. Hence, these scholarships are being offered to talented Roma students,in order that these talented individuals may pursue their studies in the inspirational, tolerant and open-minded environment of the Milestone Institute.

This scholarship is available for Roma students aged 14-16 who can apply with the following conditions:

  • Grade point average around 4.0 on their most recent transcript
  • English around intermediate (B2) level
  • Residency in Budapest

Application deadline:  25 July, 2017

Apply now!