This is no April Fools’ spoof: on the first day of April, the Milestone Rowing Club partook in the annual Budapest Cup Regatta, winning a gold medal. Our team consisted of eight current Milestone students and alumni of the Institute, from universities such as Cambridge, Oxford and Durham.

Rowing 3

The day before the regatta, the Milestone team assembled their boat and held a last training session at the site of the competition. On the day of the event, they held a last orientation session, after which they went straight on water and were the first team to line up at the starting line. Giving their absolute maximum, the team achieved greater harmony in their strokes than ever before, which won them a gold medal in the amateur men’s coxed eight.

Rowing 5

Team Members

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Rowing 1

Our team of champions looks forward to more days as successful and fun as this one.

Photos & text: Bálint Czucz and Kamilla Marosi