Our starting point has to be to educate students or intellectuals, who not only have expertise in one area, but are able to develop and realise themselves in various fields. Therefore, they will have the opportunity to do one thing today and another tomorrow, or in other words, to hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening, criticise after dinner, without ever becoming hunter, fisherman, shepherd or critic. This ideal should be put into practice in the 21st century.

– this is how Dániel Léderer, one of the founders of Milestone, referred to the idea of Marxian man in his lecture at a conference held by the Millennium Institute in December.

MIlenium 3

Apart from assessing the current situation of Hungarian education, the speakers at the conference, academics, experts and politicians, attempted to present their vision of the future. In his lecture, the founder of the Institute talked about the opportunities and challenges of technological development, the need to reappraise the role of teachers, as well as the necessity of enhancing the cooperation between universities, enterprises and public education.

Milenium 2

For the Hungarian text and an audio recording of the lecture, see: http://www.millenniumintezet.hu/…/lederer-daniel-harom-leh…/

General report on the conference: http://www.millenniumintezet.hu/…/milyen-legyen-a-jovo-isk…/

Photos: Millennium Institute – www.millenniumintezet.hu