Oxbridge Brunch

OxbridgeBrunch08/05/2013: Spring having sprung, April 14th was a good day for a meeting with the Milestone lads and ladies who will be starting at Cambridge and Oxford this year. Together with the other Milestone alumni already at Oxbridge, we therefore organised a brunch at Milestone HQ featuring a full traditional English breakfast – sausages, bacon, eggs, baked beans, baked tomatoes, toast and milky milky tea.

This was the first time the alumni had the chance to meet the newcomers who have received an offer from an Oxbridge college and will thus join us in October. The lovely weather and the homey atmosphere of the Milestone HQ made for a really relaxed get-together. It was great to get to know each other better, sharing secret stories of the Oxbridge colleges with the Freshers-to-be and giving them some valuable information, such as how to survive the gruelling rowing or rugby club initiations at Cambridge. Naturally, the brunch was the best English breakfast any of us had ever had… apart from the baked tomatoes, which were left in the oven for the entire time, leaving some room for improvement next time. Hopefully, there will be many more events of this kind in the future.


András Kapuvári 

(Milestone 2011/2012,
Jesus College, Cambridge)